Aging Network News – Advocacy Needed!

From: Dee Newman Wilkinson <newmandol>
Date: Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 9:38 AM
Subject: FW: aging network news
To: Lori Wells <lwells>

Please share with BASA membership – perhaps THIS was the “budget” you were referring to at the BASA meeting, as opposed to the Michigan budget I was considering in my response to your question regarding “do we have a budget?” or something to this effect?

There is a call for advocacy embedded in the first paragraph. I hope that BASA members will consider taking action to support the MMAP program in Michigan (Michigan’s SHIP program).

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From: Bob Schlueter
Sent: Friday, September 18, 2015 8:11 AM
To: Barbara Ann Carson <tyshy04>; Carroll Cort <yebo42>; Douglas Durand <durandd>; Eleanor Sosenko <eleanorsosenko>; Jerre L. Stephens <rupenjerre>; Louis & Sue Fantini <dosgeges>; Mary P. Tonneberger <mptomena>; Pam Niebrzydowski <pamnieb1>; Randie Clawson <randie.clawson>; Ray Mills <mills.rnr>; Renee Louvierre-Mitchell <Renee>; Richard E. Marion <mar4r>; Robert Daniels <robertdanielsusa>; Sharon L. Flewelling <sflewelling>; Bert Notestine <bertnotestine>; Donald Schuiteman <donandboots6663>; Eric Lind <Erlind48>; Gary Taylor <gtaylor>; George Lasater <Georget.lasater>; Jack Cairy <jcairy1>; Karen Bargy <karenbargy>; Karen Bargy <bargyk>; Kory Hansen <khansen>; Lester Barnes <>; Mark Bergstrom <mabergstrom11>; Patty Cox <pcox>; Rebbeca Barr <beccajanebarr>; April Missias <amissias>; Deb Kimball <debrakimball>; Georgia Durga <gdurga>; Judy Parliament <parliamentj>; Kathy Kimmel <kkimmel>; Pam Blevins <COADirector>; Sarah Howard <s.howardmanistee>; Shirley Gillespie <GillespieS>; Sue Engle <Sue>; Beth Eisch <eischb>; Carrie M. McCombs <mccombsc>; Cristine Robb <robbc>; Darcia Brewer <brewerd>; Deb Quinn <quinnd>; Debra Monroe <monroed>; Dee Newman Wilkinson <newmandol>; Denise Plakmeyer <plakmeyerd>; Diana Kilgore <KilgoreD>; Doris Ellery <elleryd>; Heidi Gustine <GustineH>; Jim Verville <vervillej>; Joni Honeman <HonemanJ>; Joshua D. Olson <OlsonJ2>; Judy Denoyer <denoyerj>; Julie Olson <OlsonJ>; Kaley R. Dillon <DillonK>; Kasha Martin <MartinK>; Kim Prescott <prescottk>; Lisa J. Peters <PetersL>; Liz Burnes <BurnesL>; Margy Klesney <klesneym>; Mary Harwood-Coughlin <harwoodm>; Matthew Hamburg <HamburgM>; Michael Bosley <bosleym>; Michelle Cronin <mcronin>; Michelle Homa <homam>; MMAP10 <MMAPM>; Rachel Campbell <campbellr>; Ronda Cram <cramr>; Sandy Fritz <FritzS>; Vivien Snyder <snyderv>; Wendy Barnes <BarnesW>
Subject: FW: aging network news

Association news attached.

Robert C. Schlueter

Executive Director

Area Agency On Aging Of Northwest Michigan P.O. Box 5946 Traverse City, MI 49696

231-947-8920 or 800-442-1713

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From: Mary Ablan [mailto:ablan]
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2015 5:38 PM
To: Mary Ablan <ablan>
Subject: aging network news

Mary M. Ablan, M.A., M.S.W.

Executive Director

Area Agencies on Aging Association of Michigan

6105 W. St. Joseph Highway, Suite 204

Lansing, Michigan 48917

phone: (517) 886-1029

fax: (517) 886-1305


Mission: Collective voice and action to promote healthy aging, dignity and independence.

aging network news 9-18-15.docx

aging network news 9-18-15.pdf

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